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Unmatched Oil Boiler Servicing in Lincoln

Trust in MD Hoyland highly trained OFTEC-registered engineers to get you out of a jam when it comes to servicing your oil boiler.

All Kerosene 28 second oil boilers require a full service at least every 12 months, while gas oil 35 second boilers require maintenance every 6 months, in order to retain optimum efficiency.

At MD Hoyland, we offer comprehensive boiler maintenance solutions to keep your equipment in good working order – and to spare you the additional expense of running an aging boiler.

Rest assured that our team keep up to date with OFTEC’s ever-changing standards and regulations in order to guarantee the best service possible.

Protecting Your Welfare

 removing sludge in your radiators boiler and pipework

Left unattended, ageing oil boilers often cause hosts of adverse effects. Without routine servicing, your boiler might begin to leak harmful gases into your household, which cause:

  • Headaches
  • Annual fatalities from lethal CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning

Routine servicing every 6-12 months not only keeps you safe, but also cuts down on your energy bills by ensuring that your boiler is functioning at its optimum. Prolong the life of your boiler and save yourself money in the long run by calling MD Hoyland today.

Safety Guaranteed Inspections

Safety is paramount to us, so rest assured that our OFTEC engineers take great pains in carrying out any and all changes required to improve the security of your appliances and oil storage tanks. We advise that the following parts be changed at regular service intervals:

  • Oil nozzle – Should be changed annually to maintain optimum performance.
  • Flexible fuel pipe – Should be changed every two years to prevent potential oil leaks that might cause damage to your floor.
  • Fuel filter – Should be changed or cleaned and checked annually to prevent fuel blockages in the boiler and remote fire valve malfunctions.

Put your faith in our full maintenance and inspection services at MD Hoyland. We also recommend a full examination of each of the following additional parts:

  • Heat exchanger – Should be cleaned annually to prevent restrictions and blockages in air supply to maintain full combustion. This is especially important for households with pets, as animal fur is known to cause blockages.
  • Remote fire valve – The position and condition of this part must be checked annually to ensure against malfunction.
  • Ventilation – Inspections must be carried out to ensure adequate air supply for your appliance (either via balanced flue or air vent).

Home Insurance Measures

oil boilers inner

Some home insurance policies even require residents to take adequate measures for fire protection (remote fire valve). Without proper boiler maintenance, you might find your insurance to be void. Check your policy today and give MD Hoyland a call to make sure you’re covered on all fronts.

Contact MD Hoyland

Contact MD Hoyland today on 0800 047 5922 and cover all your bases when it comes to your oil boiler. Alternatively, send us an email at mdhoyland@me.com to find out more about our extensive boiler servicing options.

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